After Hours Art @ St Helen's Church

Starting on the 6th November, we'll be running an After School Arts club every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sessions are led by professional artists who can help participants develop their skills in very unique areas of the arts world, as well as giving an insight into working as a professional artist. The sessions are free to attend each day and you can learn disciplines in Haiku poetry, Graffiti Art, Biro detail drawing, The art of doodling, Spoken word and glass painting just to name a few. We look forward to meeting you - come join us!

St Helen's is just on the corner of St Quintin Avenue and St Helen's Gardens.  You can find directions here.

If you'd like to come:

  1.  Register Below.  There's only space for 25 - so sign up now to not miss out.
  2.  Get a parent or guardian to complete a consent form, and bring it along with you.  You can download this here.

Registration Form

Just fill out this form to let us know you're coming:

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Which days are you signing up for?
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Don't forget to get a parent or guardian to complete a consent form, and bring it along with you.