Who's Who

At St Helen's we believe that every member is involved in the ministry of the church in North Kensington. And so when you come to visit us or try us out, the person sitting next to you should be able to help you know what's going on. However, if you'd like to get in touch with someone to find out more or would just like to have a face to look out for on Sunday, here are some options:
Steve Divall   Andrew Holt
Steve Divall
Vicar/Senior Pastor
  Andrew Holt
Curate/Assistant Pastor
Leni Ledgister   Andrew Kwapong
Leonora Ledgister
Women's Pastor
  Andrew Kwapong
St Mellitus College
Augustine Kusi Appiah   Tim Wells
Augustine Kusi-Appiah
Cornhill Training Course
  Tim Wells

If you need to contact the Church please visit the Contact Us page.