Friend of God

One of the privileges that Jesus gives to every Christian believer is to be able to call Almighty God a friend! (John 15:15 cf. 17:20)  Through Jesus we know God’s acceptance and approval, that he is for us to bless us, that he hears our prayers, that he is with us always, by his Spirit.

So we’ll start a new year and a new decade in the company of the first person to be called ‘God’s friend’, Abraham. As we meet him in Genesis we’re at the start of the story of God revealing his plan to save not just a few chosen people but all of the peoples of the world, all who respond to him in faith and trust.

And we’ll discover that, just like us, God’s friends aren’t always consistent and don’t always get it right, especially under pressure.  We’ll also discover what God thinks of that and how he responds to it.

Genesis 20:1–17
Andrew Holt
24 minutes
Genesis 19:1–29
Steve Divall
27 minutes
Genesis 18:1–15
Andrew Kwapong
22 minutes
Genesis 17:1–27
Steve Divall
23 minutes
Genesis 16:1–16
Joe Ammoun
26 minutes
Genesis 15:1–21
Augustine Kusi-Appiah
24 minutes
Genesis 14:1–24
Andrew Holt
30 minutes
Genesis 13:1–18
Steve Divall
23 minutes
Genesis 12:10–20
Andrew Holt
23 minutes
Genesis 11:27 – 12:9
Steve Divall
23 minutes